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Tax Season

This tax season started early for me this year.  I work with Jackson Hewitt and they love to work me to the bone.  Right now, I’m working 8-hour shifts.  And they are giving me 2-3 days off a week until the end of the month.  But after that, I’ll be working 10-hour shifts and soon 12-hour shifts.  With, might I add, hardly any days off.  That’s right people, I’ll be working 7 days a week (and only Sunday’s are 1-5, a 4-hour shift).  I’ll be getting tons of OT (over-time), but I won’t get to be home with the kiddos as much. Not to mention pumping will be very difficult for me.

I pump every few hours, usually around noon and 3 pm.  But with the 12 hour shifts, I’ll have to do it noon, 3 pm, and possible 6 pm.  If they will let me.  And legally they have to, because I need to go home to pump.  I can’t inside WalMart due to no place to go.  This will definitely be one of my more fun tax seasons.  Let’s see how this plays out.

(Also, forgot to say.  When I was contemplating quitting, I ending up getting a $0.50 raise and a 1% increase on my bonus.  Now I’m getting paid as a 4th year tax preparer and in charge of so much more!)



AAAH! Okay, now that I have that out, I feel like I’m being pressured into everything because of school, work, and even finding a new house.

School is killing me because I have scholarships due soon that require essays (eww!) and FAFSA is due on April Fool’s Day. I have a paper due Sunday at midnight that is needed to be roughly 4 pages minimum and I haven’t even started that yet, but what college student ever does a paper way ahead of time? Certainly not me. Then I have an online quiz due Sunday at midnight as well, and an exam for cost accounting due Saturday at midnight.

How is one supposed to get all this done when they pretty much have like 3 jobs.  See I work at an accounting firm 25-30 hours a week, then I work at a fast food job (Long John Silvers) 1 day a week in the city I live in and 1 day a week in a city I don’t live in.  So, as you can tell, my schedule is pretty filled up.  How am I supposed to find a house when I have barely any money to spend and I’m going to school full-time and work 3 jobs?  I really can’t.  It’s insane to say the least, but I need money.  And who doesn’t want money?  It is pure Hell that I live in.

So, a goal for any college student going full-time and working full-time is to never have time to yourself, because if you do you will never get anything done, trust me.  I feel so far behind on my school work that I can’t even concentrate on any of it.  Therefore, no free time at all for me. *tear*  Which now, I should really be doing some homework, especially that 4-5 page essay for my management class online.  Like I said, pure Hell!

Stress=bad.  It also = me not doing any work, which is probably what is happening to most of you everyday.  Stress is what brings us together today.