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Tax Season

This tax season started early for me this year.  I work with Jackson Hewitt and they love to work me to the bone.  Right now, I’m working 8-hour shifts.  And they are giving me 2-3 days off a week until the end of the month.  But after that, I’ll be working 10-hour shifts and soon 12-hour shifts.  With, might I add, hardly any days off.  That’s right people, I’ll be working 7 days a week (and only Sunday’s are 1-5, a 4-hour shift).  I’ll be getting tons of OT (over-time), but I won’t get to be home with the kiddos as much. Not to mention pumping will be very difficult for me.

I pump every few hours, usually around noon and 3 pm.  But with the 12 hour shifts, I’ll have to do it noon, 3 pm, and possible 6 pm.  If they will let me.  And legally they have to, because I need to go home to pump.  I can’t inside WalMart due to no place to go.  This will definitely be one of my more fun tax seasons.  Let’s see how this plays out.

(Also, forgot to say.  When I was contemplating quitting, I ending up getting a $0.50 raise and a 1% increase on my bonus.  Now I’m getting paid as a 4th year tax preparer and in charge of so much more!)