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Shopping and earning

So do you like to shop. Now this is mainly for food. But hey, I’m sure you want to be rewarded for even that, right? Right. So here’s the deal peeps. Check out ibotta. It’s a cool little app. I’ve earned with it and so can you. If you don’t shop, that’s ok. Just go with your parents and use their receipts and the items they buy. Now there is a catch. They only do certain items. But hey, extra money is extra money. Click on the link below and enjoy..



Cash for Surveys

Just noticed a semi-quick way to earn cash.  Take surveys from home.  It’s fun and quick.  It’s on CashCrate.  You earn daily $0.80 by taking the daily surveys (which gets you $50 a month), then by checking in everyday you get $0.03.  Every penny adds up, right?  So, here is the link:

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Or, just click here:  http://www.cashcrate.com/4153448

It doesn’t take long, and it’s free to do.