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To Delete or Not to Delete, That is the Question…

I have been debating for a while now on whether or not to delete this blog and begin a new one.  My only reasoning is that I don’t get very many readers these days. Even if I posted once a day, I still wouldn’t get a single reader. Perhaps I’ll start a new one regarding the everyday life of a mother of 2, or a working mom, or something along those lines.  Or just random scribbles.  Or just delete and not write a single thing.

Ponder on that a while readers. Let me know (if any of you read this anymore…)


Finals, Story, and Boredom, Oh My!

So, tomorrow is my last final.  The one where no one knows what in the hell is going on in the class.  Cost accounting.  It has to be the most pointless class ever to take in college majoring in accounting.  Oh, so are these entrepreneurship classes that I’m taking online next semester, but those are just so that I can get an easy A and get hours to graduate.  Anyway, cost accounting, pointless.

Where the hell did my remote go?

Oh, sorry.  Anyway, as any of you can tell, I am a BIG procrastinator.  I rarely study and when I do, it’s too much and I end up not doing so well on my test.  So, I’m thinking of just studying in the morning when I get to school at 8, although my final is at 930.


On the other side of life.  I have finished chapter 1 of my story.  I’ve even got someone who read it, say that it’s really good and I should continue it.  Oh, I am.  Not sure as to how to begin to publish it when it’s done, but I’ll figure that out when I get it finished.  Smashwords seems like a good place to start and publish, but I want books out, not e-books.  Well that would be nice, if I can sell it perhaps.  But, you never know.  Guess we will just see when it happens.

Chapter 2 began actually with some intense drama.  I mean, I pretty much cried while writing it.  And every time I get back to it, I cry.  The whole chapter is a tear-jerker in my opinion.  Plan is for the heroine to go through something drastic that changes her life in this chapter.  I figured the sooner I started it, the better.  Right?  The hero went through his, and he occasionally has flashbacks and has heartbreak still.  Of course, he doesn’t know if he can ever love again.  The heroine isn’t sure if she can even begin to find love and be in a relationship of sorts.  But, most stories are beginning to be that way now-a-days, right?

I want very much to post some excerpts, but I think I will if I decide to publish the book.  Gotta find the perfect publisher for me of course.


Oh dear Lord! And boredom has struck my life once again.  I’m at that point as to what to do.  I can study, I can write my story, and I can watch movies.  AND I’m doing option 3, while writing on here.  I’m bored and tired.  Probably need some rest.

All I know is that I have to finish chapter 2 and send that off to my friend so he can read it by Friday or Saturday.