Taking a Chance

You know how a while back I posted about how I should take a chance?  Well, Sunday night I am going on a date, I guess you could call it that.  Me and this guy are going to have pizza then go and watch a movie.  We have yet to figure out what movie to watch, though.  And as soon as I tell my dad that I’m going on a date he flips out on me about how this boy shouldn’t do anything to me and if he does then he is gonna have to kill him.  Can you say over-protective much?  Yeah, pretty much so.

So, it’s just a date and I don’t see the big deal in why he is flipping out on me.  Then he tells me that he is only kidding, uh, right… I honestly don’t think so.

Anywho, I am taking a chance on life.  Not that I’m gonna go and sleep with the guy, although (like a typical guy) he wants to do just that.  Go figure.  It was we are going to meet at his or my place, but you know what that entails.  Sex, cuz apparently that is the only thing on their minds.  He told me that he couldn’t be more than friends with me because he likes sex too much, but if we ended up dating further, then sex would be seen in the future I suppose.  Why is it that guys only think about sex?  Cuz they only think with one head, and not the one that carries the brain. Ha Ha.

So, what am I supposed to do?  Take the chance with the date and see where it goes?  I’m thinking that I will go with that.  It’s hard to say where this will lead me, but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

On another note, does age really matter?  The guy is 2 years younger than me.  So age doesn’t matter, right?  He’s a Gemini and I’m a Gemini.  They say that Geminis are good together:  “When two Geminis partner off, it really is like four people coming together.  The Twins love to toss back and forth tidbits of playful banter, sarcasm and occasional ironic cynicism.  In an intimate love relationship, there is certainly a place for seriousness, which Gemini would do well to learn. If both partners can pay more attention to their feelings rather than being ruled solely by thoughts and intellect, they will greatly enhance their love experience.  Gemini is an Air Sign, and thus responds to the world and to their romantic partner with a more rational than emotional focus. Their short attention spans cause them to burn out sometimes, but two Geminis together burn out at the same time! And, of course, that Gemini creativity will dream up a new scheme a moment later.  Gemini is a Mutable Sign. Their flexible, easy-going natures make the four of them a perfect couple. These two have mastered the art of compromise; two Mutable signs together can easily form a conflict-free union. Just about the only thing that may lead to a real argument is a discussion that has gone out of hand; luckily, Gemini quickly realizes the insignificance of proving a point — and of fighting in general.  What’s the best aspect of the Gemini-Gemini relationship? The enormous amount of intellectual energy and stimulation they provide one another. They are able to save one another from leading a mundane existence. Together they can entertain the world and accomplish more than either could alone.”

Or so these are a few tid bits that Yahoo! Horoscopes gives us between two Geminis.  But who knows really.  So again, I guess I’ll Just see how things pan out between me and this guy.



Gemini Horoscope, 06 March 2011

Love is in the air for Gemini folks who are looking for “the one.” While fate does play a role in many things in life, you still have to meet it halfway, and then you have to take the ball and run with it. If you are feeling ready for such an important step, then you need to get out and about, and be open to any introductions, blind dates, or any other realistic means of meeting someone special. For those who are already in committed relationships, this could be an excellent time to repair any conflicts, or to build a closer, more intimate, more satisfying union.

Gemini Horoscope, 28 Feb 2011

Be patient today, Gemini. You are a fast-moving, fast-thinking, and probably a fast-talking individual. You are very efficient and productive, thanks to your mercurial nature. Not everyone is gifted that way, though, and that’s something you have to remember. A person in your inner circle is trying to please you in some way. This is someone with whom you often lose your patience and maybe even your temper. Keep it in check now, because you could cause some very hurt feelings and an unfixable conflict if you aren’t careful.

Gemini Horoscope, 27 Feb 2011

You needn’t feel guilty about mistrusting someone, even if that individual has never given you any reason for mistrust. You are not always inclined to follow your intuition, Gemini, being more a creature of logic and the tried and true. You don’t like to listen to your inner voice without compelling external evidence to support it. This time, though, you will need to tune in to that sixth sense that you so often deny. The person you are skeptical of may not have any malicious intentions, but something may be out of the ordinary. Follow through with your feelings, and don’t feel bad about having doubts.

Gemini Horoscope, 26 Feb 2011

Little by little, day by day, your life is improving. Sometimes the improvement is so small, so gradual that you fail to see its existence. But if you look back to even a few short months ago, and you compare what things were like then to what they’re like now, you’ll see a noticeable difference. You don’t need to make monumental progress to get ahead, Gemini. You shouldn’t need to verify that your life is taking a turn toward a more positive, more productive, more prosperous place. It is, and deep down you know it. Accept it, and let good things happen in their own time. Meanwhile, enjoy the journey.

Gemini Horoscope, 25 Feb 2011

If you seem to be presented with the same lesson over and over, it could be that you are missing some critical aspect of it. You may be tired of walking down the same path. A failure that keeps repeating itself is no fun, of course, but there is a way out if you pay attention. This time, try a different way of resolving a problem. Ask for assistance if you can’t see things objectively. Meanwhile, brainstorm ideas for making a special goal a reality. You have enhanced power now for endeavors that involve music, real estate, publishing, and creative pursuits.