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Shopping and earning

So do you like to shop. Now this is mainly for food. But hey, I’m sure you want to be rewarded for even that, right? Right. So here’s the deal peeps. Check out ibotta. It’s a cool little app. I’ve earned with it and so can you. If you don’t shop, that’s ok. Just go with your parents and use their receipts and the items they buy. Now there is a catch. They only do certain items. But hey, extra money is extra money. Click on the link below and enjoy..


Update 2 on poor poor Black Betty

Okay, here’s the 411 on this. My husband truck is an evil monster to fix. That’s for certain. Payment arrangement has been made, but we have got to figure out how to pay it all…


Black Betty Update

$2,000!!! WHAT!?  I cannot afford that.  Do people think we are made of money?  I’m kinda freaking out here and I’m at work, so it makes it all the more worse.  I cannot take stress well.

It’s hard to breath.

Please wait while I die just a little bit here…..

To be continued…

Trying to Resurrect Black Betty

Today I received a call from our mechanic and it wasn’t good news to my ears.

We recently put our truck, named Black Betty (my husband named her), in the shop a few weeks ago.  It supposedly gets fixed.  The problem were the upper and lower ball joints on the drivers side and the axle joint.  Now, we had them fix this and it cost us a whopping $810.  Not too excited about this at all.  Then, as I drive it off the lot, there is a major ticking noise and massive shaking.  So, the next morning I take it back in.  Turns out that the passenger side’s ball joints need to be replaced as well AND the differential is cracked.  Lovely.

Now, in order to to get the differential fixed, they need to find it at a salvage yard.  This wouldn’t be a problem if I weren’t on a time crunch.  They have to wait for the salvage yards to get back with them and that could take all week.

See, I’m moving at the end of the week and we need out truck to move.  Also, it’s our only transportation at the moment.  And we need it soon.  If not, it’ll just have to wait here until they fix it.  Not really in the best of moods because of this.  I would drive it, but they advise me not to because the last time I did, the wheel fell completely off and I was stuck for almost an hour.

AND tomorrow I have a test to take on the MO Constitution in order to get my Bachelor’s degree.  Stupid, but it has to be done.  And I have no way of getting to the college in order to take the damn thing!  Now, you can see what kind of predicament I’m in because of all this vehicle trouble.  This venture is going to cost me a minimum of $700 (not including the fixing of the differential).  So, I’m very very frustrated.

To be continued…..