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Today was a hectic day, until I stepped out of my car and saw a package in the mail!  It was a book I had won from Amy Knupp.  She had asked what book of hers we would like, I told her I wanted her favorite as I have never read a single one of her books. But now I have one:  “Because of the List”..  So excited.  I will let you know how it is once I finish it, when I get to it.

And then here is the little note she left me:


Free books

So as many of you may know, today is the day that Deena Remiel’s short story is free on amazon (check out my previous post). Also I was bored this morning and decided to look through some ebooks for the kindle that were offered free. I got 16. As you can tell I’m an avid reader. But most, actually all, are romances. ^_^. I will put up later what I got an let you know.

Also another good short story to read is Wicked Werewolf Night by Lisa Renee Jones. Short but oh so worth the read. I really enjoyed it. Giving it 5 stars!

Free Paranormal Romance

For all you paranormal romance bookworms out there, check this out.  It’s from Deena Remiel herself, a FREE paranormal romance for Mother’s Day.  Here is the link to check it out:

So, I suggest you check it out, read the kindle edition book and post a review of it!  I know she will love it!


I know I haven’t been on in quite some time.. But I have some frustrations with my life. See the house I currently live in costs me a pretty penny and now I’ve got to be out by the end of May. And I still don’t have a house available to move into.

Problem with all this is that I’m 7 moths pregnant and I need a place quick. The Joplin area landlords will not (for some reason) rent to us. We have 2 dog and just don’t wanna get rid of them, they are family. And we want our little girl to grow up with dogs just as we had. What’s so wrong with that? Why won’t people rent to us because we have dogs? They are outside all the time and don’t cause any problems. Why put that you have a large fenced in back yard then put “no dogs allowed” in the ad?? We just don’t understand any of it.

But there is my rant for the day, if not the same one I’ve had for weeks, no months, now… *sigh*