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Gemini Horoscope, 28 Feb 2011

Be patient today, Gemini. You are a fast-moving, fast-thinking, and probably a fast-talking individual. You are very efficient and productive, thanks to your mercurial nature. Not everyone is gifted that way, though, and that’s something you have to remember. A person in your inner circle is trying to please you in some way. This is someone with whom you often lose your patience and maybe even your temper. Keep it in check now, because you could cause some very hurt feelings and an unfixable conflict if you aren’t careful.


Gemini Horoscope, 27 Feb 2011

You needn’t feel guilty about mistrusting someone, even if that individual has never given you any reason for mistrust. You are not always inclined to follow your intuition, Gemini, being more a creature of logic and the tried and true. You don’t like to listen to your inner voice without compelling external evidence to support it. This time, though, you will need to tune in to that sixth sense that you so often deny. The person you are skeptical of may not have any malicious intentions, but something may be out of the ordinary. Follow through with your feelings, and don’t feel bad about having doubts.

Today has been…

Today has been insanely stressful really to say the truth.  I was crushing for time to finish my management organizational paper, did and it was completely bull shit.  Totally BS’d that paper, guess I will see how I do later. Then I did my cost accounting test, which was provided online, and it was an epic failure.  51% on it, I am in complete agony over it.  I never do that bad on tests.  I am just praying to the gods that he drops the lowest test grade.  I cannot afford to fail another class, not that I failed any as of yet.

This whole transfer from small college to large university has been very stressful and difficult just to say a few things.  Have you ever felt that kind of stress?

Well, I’m going to head off here today.  And the thought that plagues me is “Do people actually read this?”  I’ve had views like crazy lately, although the amount I have is small, it’s large to me.  Well again good night readers, who ever you are.


Gemini Horoscope, 26 Feb 2011

Little by little, day by day, your life is improving. Sometimes the improvement is so small, so gradual that you fail to see its existence. But if you look back to even a few short months ago, and you compare what things were like then to what they’re like now, you’ll see a noticeable difference. You don’t need to make monumental progress to get ahead, Gemini. You shouldn’t need to verify that your life is taking a turn toward a more positive, more productive, more prosperous place. It is, and deep down you know it. Accept it, and let good things happen in their own time. Meanwhile, enjoy the journey.


Cover of "Waitress (Widescreen Edition)"

Cover of Waitress (Widescreen Edition)

You know how pies are all heavenly and what not?  Well, I have had 2 different types of pies since starting this accounting job.  One was a snickers pie and the other was a coconut pie, which I”m currently eating at work.  Which to say is pretty amazing, or at least the home-made whipped cream is to die for!

Pies like these remind me of the movie ‘Waitress‘, which is by far a favorite of mine.  I just love how the story goes and the words behind it all.  It’s witty, sassy, funny, and pure delight.  Watching that movie makes me want to start up my own little pie shop.  Its so down to earth really.

Well, that’s my little post for the time being.  Pulling 2 jobs today and one of which I have to travel to get to. Until next time…..


Gemini Horoscope, 25 Feb 2011

If you seem to be presented with the same lesson over and over, it could be that you are missing some critical aspect of it. You may be tired of walking down the same path. A failure that keeps repeating itself is no fun, of course, but there is a way out if you pay attention. This time, try a different way of resolving a problem. Ask for assistance if you can’t see things objectively. Meanwhile, brainstorm ideas for making a special goal a reality. You have enhanced power now for endeavors that involve music, real estate, publishing, and creative pursuits.

The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth ( If Movie Posters Told the Tru...

Image by v i p e z via Flickr

Today’s blog is over the movie The Ugly Truth, not the actual ugly truth.  Or is it?  Well the movie was for lack of a better word, exactly what the people of this world need to know about.  I for one fell in love with the movie and, of course, Gerard Butler.  But who doesn’t love him?  He is pure bliss with his accent and body and looks and well, just him.

Anyway, movie was excellent.  Gave me an insight into the world that I live in.  I am sort of like Abby in the movie.  I’m a control freak, I have to control everything in my life.  I have a list of expectations for a guy to live up to, which no guy will ever live up to.  Honestly, life just isn’t fair. But neither is the truth.

I’ve come up to the conclusion that guys, because they are simple as our dear Mike in the movie explains, are only after one thing.  Sex.  Just one simple word.  Most men go after looks in a woman:  tight ass, perky breasts, in other words a perfect body.  Men, most women don’t look like that. Those women are fake and on TV 9 times out of 10.  I know that I certainly don’t look like that, despite all the comments about how sexy  I am and so forth.  Oh, and another thing!  Men need to quit looking up women who look “sexy” or “damn girl you are beautiful, wanna talk?”.  Oh I hate these phrase, stupid stuff that guys  say in order to snag a girl.  QUIT SAYING THOSE THINGS TO GET A GIRL!!  We don’t always like to hear it, we sometimes want truth.  We don’t want stuff like that, or at least I don’t.

Oh, sorry rambled again.  Movie!  The Ugly Truth is about a chauvinist who puts a romantically challenged producer through a series of outrageous tests to prove his theories about relationships.  Throughout all this he falls in love with her and becomes jealous of the man that he helps her out with.  But who wouldn’t because that guy, Collin, has a NICE body as well.  But nothing compared to Gerard Butler.  Oh how lovely he is, wonder what it would be like to meet him in real life?  Well, I guess I can just keep guessing.  But as far as the movie goes, just watch it for yourself and let me know what you think.  Because I am just a sucker for a romantic comedy, let me know of any others that are out there.